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The Canadian Window Company specializes in window cleaning, window repair, and new window replacements for both residential and commercial windows. We have dealers operating in cities across Canada in all provinces.

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Window cleaning, window repair, and/or window replacement business opportunities, are still available in many locations across Canada. Learn more about impressive business opportunities with the best window cleaning company, window repair company, and window replacement company in Canada! Call the Canadian Window Company at 1-877-253-8252 or contact us today for more information on joining the fastest growing window cleaning, window restoration, and window replacement company in Canada!

Canadian Window Cleaning / Window Washing / Glass Cleaners

Window cleaning with new technologies, equipment, and techniques, have made our home window cleaning professionals in Canada more efficient, affordable, and reliable. As a commercial window cleaning service with the latest window cleaning tools, we know how to clean windows on commercial or residential buildings, safely and efficiently. Our reliable window washers will clean windows and provide exceptional glass cleaning services for all types of windows. Learn more about the best Home Window Cleaning and/or Commercial Window Cleaning in Canada.

Canadian Window Repair / Foggy Windows / Window Condensation / Window Moisture

Moisture in windows, condensation in windows, or foggy windows, is a result of exceeding the saturation point of the absorbent material placed inside the thermal window by the manufacturer. We can fix foggy windows, remove condensation in windows, and do window moisture removal, from most thermal windows for a fraction of the cost of a new window replacement. Learn more about the best Home Window Repair and/or Commercial Window Repair in Canada.

Canadian Window Replacement / New Windows / Home Windows / Commercial Windows

Home window replacement does not have to be overly expensive or difficult to accomplish. If your house windows are beyond repair or you simply want the appearance and function of new home windows, we can help. While commercial glass window replacement is slightly more technical, it will always be timely and unnoticeable to customers. Let us help with a free consultation with respect to the various new window manufacturers, costs of new window replacements, and professional window installation. Learn more about the best New Home Windows and/or Commercial Window Replacements in Canada.

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